Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Erie

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Erie

Talissa Décor is the largest dealer of ceiling tiles and wall panels in Erie. We have the most diverse collection of ceiling tiles in all of North America. The Styrofoam ceiling tiles come in white and in an array of designs. Wall panels come in all four sizes and you may choose among faux leather, wood fibre, plant fibre, plastic or vinyl and thermoplastic. With us, you are able to shop for ceiling tiles and wall panels in Erie based on your specific needs as we cater to all sensibilities, aesthetic preferences and prerequisites given the prevailing interior décor.

Assured Timely Delivery from Talissa Décor

If you are on a quest for durable and affordable ceiling tiles and wall panels in Erie, then you need not look further than our online inventory. We have a vast stock and we have an efficient order processing and shipping policy that would ensure you get the ceiling tiles and wall panels delivered on time. Our stated policy is to process and ship every order placed before 1 p.m. EST on the same day and orders placed after the stipulated time are shipped the subsequent business day. The orders placed later in the day get processed immediately and we can offer overnight shipping. Our regular shipping usually takes up to five business days.

Easy Installation of Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Erie

All our ceiling tiles and wall panels are easy to install. The ceiling tiles can be dropped in or glued up. You can choose ceiling tiles on the basis of your preference. Some ceilings are more suited for glued up tiles while others may be better off with dropped in tiles. Neither of the two methods will be a roadblock if you wish to install recessed lights or any other essential features. You can very well have recessed lights in the ceiling or other fixtures and have ceiling tiles conveniently installed to accentuate the interior. The same applies to our wall panels. You can always have other fixtures around or interspersed with our wall panels.

Our installation guides are comprehensive. There is a support team to help you with any technicality that may be a tad perplexing. You would not need a technician to install the ceiling tiles or wall panels in Erie. However, you can always go for a professional installation if you are unsure or if you do not have a helping hand. It is one thing to do it yourself and a completely different ballgame when there is no one to lend a useful hand. We have illustrated guides online as well. You can get familiar with the different types of ceiling tiles and wall panels before making a choice.

Explore the Largest Collection of Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Erie

Our ceiling tiles and wall panels come in every colour that would look good in your house. You can opt for monochromatic tiles and panels. Or you may go for a mishmash of hues. You can choose different kinds of finishes. In addition to the usual gloss and matte finish, there are aged and brushed treatments. Not only would you be able to explore a myriad of colours and finishes but also designs, patterns, textures and engravings among other details. We have the vastest collection of ceiling tiles and wall panels in Erie.