VIDEO: How to Install 3D Wall Panels Around Outlets and Light Switches

How to Install 3D Wall Panels Around Outlets and Light Switches

Light switches and outlets can complicate the whole process of wall panel installation, but we`re here to help! We’ve put together a quick tutorial to help you install 3D wall panels around these tricky areas. Simply follow the steps and have fun! To see our wide variety of DIY home reno products such as ceiling […]

VIDEO: Beginner’s Guide to Ceiling Tiles by Talissa Decor

Beginner's Guide to Ceiling Tiles by Talissa Decor

Learn about our 3 ceiling tile types (polystyrene, PVC faux tin, and real tin tiles). See how easy the ceiling tiles are to install: simply glue them up or drop them in! No special tools or experience needed! Free shipping for Canada and USA on most items.  

VIDEO: Quick and Easy DIY Installation of Faux Leather Panels

Quick and Easy DIY Installation of Faux Leather Panels

Faux leather panels are one of the best decorative solutions that look amazing in both commercial and residential spaces. We’ve put together a quick DIY installation guide to showcase how simple it is to install them and transform your space in just a few easy steps. You can check out the wide variety of DIY […]

VIDEO: Comparing Fire Rated Ceiling Tiles from Talissa Decor vs Others

Comparing Fire Rated Ceiling Tiles from Talissa Decor vs Others

Here at Talissa Decor, we take safety very seriously. That’s why we strive to provide our customers with as much information about safety as possible. All of our products are fire-rated, which were tested and certified by Intertek Testing Services. All certificates can be accessed on our website. Redefine your space with ceiling tiles, wall […]

8 Home Decor Tips for Canadian Homes

living room ceiling tile home decor

Home decor is a personal choice. The style and look of houses in Canada are often driven by preferences and functionality. If you want to amp up the style quotient of your living space, there are many ways you can choose to redecorate your house. Making stylish additions to your space adds a personal touch. […]

How to Create a Perfect Home Interior

Modern home design is all about staying minimalistic and adding creative accessories that work together to bring a unified look to a room. If you’re a fan of DIY projects, then paintable styrofoam ceiling tiles are the perfect choice for you. They serve many purposes such as hiding wiring, enclosing ductwork and lowering the height […]

Ceiling Tiles: PVC or Styrofoam?

room with pvc ceiling tiles

Both Styrofoam and PVC ceiling tiles come with their lists of pros and cons. What you need to realize, in this case, is that each type of tile is perfect for certain settings and needs. So at the end of the day, there is no ‘better option’ – simply a ‘better fit’. PVC, or polyvinyl […]

Ceiling Tiles for Spas

ceiling tiles for spas

When it comes to spas, the best thing you can offer your clientele is a space that exudes peace and tranquility. Known to be the beacon of relaxation, a spa’s visual aesthetics are just as important as the services that are being offered. For example, a client is more likely going to enjoy spending time […]

Ceiling Tiles for Wedding Venues

ceiling tiles for wedding venues

Wedding venues are a blank canvas filled with potential for grand festivities. When choosing a perfect location for their wedding or reception celebration, the first thing couples see is the undecorated space itself. At this particular point, it hardly matters how the venue can be enhanced or embellished, because the only thing the happy couple […]

Ceiling Tiles for Hotels

ceiling tiles for hotels

Hotels have created a standard for hospitality and leisure spaces. From regular rooms to master suites with views and everything in between, its goal is to provide a welcoming haven for both local and international visitors. Beyond its impeccable customer service, hotels are often memorable for their visually appealing aesthetics. When you combine vision with […]


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